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Conditions We treat

Understanding the Root of Your Pain


No condition is sometimes more difficult to diagnose than the headache. The findings of manual medicine and chiropractic treatment commonly shed light on root causes that have been ignored or ineffectively treated, sometimes for years.  

Commonly multi-faceted, the solution often turns out to require targeted tissue management (including both adjustments and physical therapy) coupled with changes in the diet and other environmental modifications.

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Upper Back Pain

Many times upper back pain is recognized early on as muscular in nature and manual, conservative treatments can be easy sources of temporary relief.

Without mechanical, articular correction and stabilization, patients with upper back pain can be the most likely to report fleeting relief from an other treatment options. Long-term success for these patients is usually the result of effective adjustments as above coupled with defining a long-lasting therapeutic and behavioral strategy. Only by recognizing the unique triggers of upper back pain for our patients (which may be within the body or brought on by their physical habits) can we provide lasting relief from pain.

Neck Pain

Often both mechanical and tissue-disorder based in our anatomy, patients with neck pain often say they have dealt with their condition for years. Many come to terms with neck pain using over the counter medication to find they only gave their condition time to become more constant and subsequently unmanageable with self-care or pain killers.

Neck pain conditions are the most likely to lead in to chronic pain, and successful management demands experience with the natural course of the presentation.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Often confused for one another, but also often occurring simultaneously, these are conditions that can be difficult to diagnose even with advanced imaging (x-rays) and diagnostic techniques.

There are commonly multiple issues triggering a patients lower back pain. Success with this issue, more than almost anything else we treat, requires the active engagement from our patients with daily treatment. The learning curve can be steep, but learning the proper posture, exercises, sleeping positions, and even stress triggers in addition to chiropractic treatment can be crucial to finding long-term relief.

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Shoulder Pain

A very complicated region of anatomy, the shoulder problem can be a disorder of the neck, torso, scapulo-thoracic articulation, gleno-humeral articulation or even an injury of the upper extremity.

Successful management demands both discerning diagnosis and an awareness of the chronic inflammation or injury triggering the episodes of pain.

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Hand and Foot Problems

There’s nothing simple about hand or foot pain, and each has become a field of specialty (rightfully so!) in the medical community.

Many times, however, perhaps due to a reliance on x-rays over physical treatment, we’ve found that hand or foot concerns that sometimes defy mainstream care respond well to chiropractic adjustments.

Auto Accident Injury

Shrouded in confusion, the long-term impact of motor vehicle accidents aren’t always immediately obvious to a patient or the physician.

While the true impact of an auto accident can take weeks or months to fully manifest, seeking care immediately after you’ve been involved in an accident can help avoid painful complications and permanent discomfort.